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Dandelion House is a Registered NDIS Provider and complies with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Framework.

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Dignity of risk is the belief that individuals with disabilities should have the freedom to make choices and take risks in their daily life, in the same way that every person does.

The opportunity to choose, even if it results in physical or emotional discomfort, is an essential aspect of human dignity.  Being able to decide things for ourselves is a freedom we all value and we should not deny any person that fundamental human right.

We believe there is a vital connection between choice, risk, and dignity.

At Dandelion House, we want to empower individuals with disabilities to become more independent and self-reliant by encouraging them to take reasonable risks and make their own choices.

Person Centred Active Support means that the needs of each individual are met with the appropriate level of care.

Everyone can be involved in any activity, whether it’s big or small, they just need the right level of support.

We use Person Centred Active Support at Dandelion House to help our clients build better connections with their communities, promote independence, improve quality of life and increase their ability to make choices.

It is about doing things with them, not doing things for them.